The Meyer Family

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Meet Our Staff



Theoretically, our staff consists of an entire church of servants. Every member works hard to minister by being friendly, praying for one another, setting up the church each week and putting away chairs, volunteering for whatever needs to be done...we are thankful for each one of you.

Officially, we only have one 'paid' employee. That guy happens to be the man blessed enough to be our pastor, John Meyer. Pastor Meyer has served Fellowship Bible church as its pastor/teacher from its beginnings in June of 2002 for almost 15 years now. He and his wife, Sue, started this ministry with the encouragement of about 30 friends and fellow Christians. John & Sue love this flock of believers and consider it a blessing and privilege to serve them daily. There precious daughter, Rachel, keeps watch on both of them on a 24/7 basis :)

John loves to teach, preach and sing. Serving the Lord is his passion.

Pastor Meyer's background has been that of service to the body of Christ thru the local church. He received his undergrad degree from Tennessee Temple University in Music Education way back in the dark ages. Having spent years as a Christian school teacher, coach and principal, he felt the need to further his education in that arena. This was accomplished by obtaining a masters degree in educational leadership from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA completing this in 2001.

Pastor Meyer served in various capacities as an assistant pastor and choir director while at the same time working within the Christian school setting. When God called him to start Fellowship Bible Church he immediately knew he would need more theological training. Again, off to school...well, at least back to the books. While he served the good people of Fellowship as their pastor, he began studying for a Doctorate in Theology with a concentration in Biblical Counseling. He completed this course and finished his thesis writing project in 2008. This degree was granted by the prestigious Trinity Theological Seminary of Newburg, Indiana.

Unofficially, we have several other key people that keep us looking good. Their 'pay' will be piles of eternal rewards for faithful service to the Lord.

Judy Chew plays the piano each week. Terrific. Great person, loves the Lord and loves music. It shows. We would be lost without her for sure.

Our faithful Advisory Board: Craig & Sharon Hills, Jay & Joan Wenger, Lynda Chace, Don & Deb Wood, Bill & Jeri Wiegand  These have faithfully served (some for years) to help with planning, guidance for programs, and overall help for Sue & Pastor in leading this ministry. They have all been priceless in their insight and opinions.

Our ushers: Don Wood, Gary Parker, & Jim Nichols,...these guys are there week after week serving in this important capacity.

Our "sound guys":  Rich Lomas, Stuart Anderson, and Jack Chace, have worked the sound board for years and have done a great job with power point and mics. We appreciate their service every week.

Our nursery ladies: although we usually don't 'need' a nursery, we have had ladies ready each week in case we have a family with a young one. Lynda Chace, Sue Meyer, Debra Wood, and others have been ready when needed.

Our Quest-4-Kids program has many leaders and workers: This year several ladies have taken the leadership role to organize and encourage. Penny Radefeld, Qiana Hockersmith, Deb Wood, & Sue Meyer are our Quest volunteers. They have set up a teaching schedule, setting the tone for the lessons each week with crafts and memory verses. 

Last, but definitely not least...our weekly set-up crews. Wow, every weekend they come to the church and get the church ready for our weekly services. Again, some of these folks have been helping for years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

As you can see, we have a huge "staff". We couldn't function if all those mentioned were not willing servants in God's church here in South Venice-Fellowship Bible Church