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Larry and Anne Gue




Acts 16:9  “And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; There stood a man ofMacedoniaand prayed him, saying. Come over intoMacedoniaand help us.”


            God did not send us toMacedoniabut he sent us toMongoliato help and plant new Church’s.  It has been 17 years now since I first made a trip toMongoliaand the Lord willing I will return there July 1. The Lord has established 5 Bible Believing Church’s these 17 years with many souls saved, men mentored to be Pastors and hundreds of Bibles purchased.

           HolyFoundationBaptistChurchwill be celebrating 20 years of service inMongoliawith Pastor Augie.  We will have 3 days of celebration with prayer, preaching, banquet and concert.  Later in July there will be 3 days of summer camp for the church.  Each month this year is an emphasis on out reach to a certain group of the population in the country ofMongolia.  A newSisterChurchhas been started south of Ulanbaatar, mostly of young adults and college students. Discipleship classes each week, youth meeting every Wednesday, men’s training and women’s bible studies each month.

            Pastor Bold’s Church in Zuunmod continues to conduct youth training, discipleship classes, bible classes and prayer on Wednesday nights. The prison ministry continues to be effective with 50 to 60 prisoner and many of the prison staff attending the bible studies each month.  We will also be conducting a summer camp with them and purchasing more Bibles and Sunday School materials for his church.

            Pastor Jagaa’s Church in the city continues to grow with an average of 50 attending each Sunday.  They have started 4 new cell groups for bible study during the week and about 15 youth meet each Wednesday for bible study and prayer. We will also purchase more Bibles and Sunday School materials for his church along with conducting a summer camp for them.

            Pastor Gumbaa at White Lake, reindeer people, ask for your prayers as he establishes House Church’s with the people there and for spiritual protection from the evil spirits of the Shamans in Northern Mongolia.


            Thanks for your prayers and support of this ministry and for special prayers for travel, safety and God’s protection as I travel toMongoliathis July.


HIS servants,

Larry & Ann Gue