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Fellowship Bible Church has been missions minded since we opened our doors 17 years ago. We love to support the outreach of the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world and here in our own needy United States.  We currently support 7 from various mission boards. They all have been here at our church, some many times, to present their vision and calling. We hear from them on a monthly basis from countries like Croatia, Nicaragua, South Africa, Germany, St. Lucia, and our own Arcadia, FL.
Most of the mission outreach we support is involved in church planting, teaching and discipling the local people to reach their own people. We believe in the local church wherever it is established.  We also try to have at least 2 new missionaries a year come visit and present their field of mission. We can’t always take on their support but often our own people will begin supporting a missionary personally. And, we believe that it is important for our people to see the worldwide need of reaching all people groups with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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