Where Do I Fit In ?


     Since our distant parents, Adam & Eve, fell into sin, every person that has ever walked this planet has wondered about God and where they fit. There are those that deny that God exists OR that He cares for 'puny little man' OR that 'the question of God' is even important. But at Fellowship Bible Church, we are thoroughly convinced that the Word of God is true from cover to cover. Denying that something exists certainly doesn't mean that 'it' doesn't exist. God has revealed Himself through Creation (Romans 1), in man's conscience, and  in the God consciousness that is placed within every person ever born (John 1:9).

     God's Word declares that the issue is not whether God exists-the issue is mankind's choice to reject the God of all Creation who loved this world so much-to the point ot sending His beloved Son to pay the ransom for the sins of the entire world.

     Do you want to fit in (wherever)? It's a simple matter of surrendering your life to the One who died for you and wants you to live eternally with Him in heaven. God desires that all men (mankind) everywhere trust Jesus as their Savior, ask for forgiveness for their sins and believe BY FAITH that God's grace will save.

     If you would like further information, please contact us through this website via our contact page. We would love to answer any questions you might about your eternal destiny and help you in your search to know God in a real and personal way.

Here's a great (immediate) resourse for you:

Call 1-800-NEED HIM   or check out their website at: www.888.needhim.org 

Or, feel free to call me, Pastor John Meyer, any time of the day or night if you have a spiritual need. I am available for counseling for church members, church visitors, and website visitors.